I’ve admitted at other times on this site that I don’t always sleep well. I can let worries, regrets, unanswered prayer, health issues, etc., so consume me that my rest is almost non-existent at times. As I’ve worked with pastors over the years, I’ve realized I’m not alone in my fitful sleep. On the other hand, here are some times when I do rest well:

  1. When I have no controlling sin in my life. Ongoing defeat keeps me awake at night; victory lets me sleep. 
  2. When I have little sin to confess at the end of the day. A day filled with sin is a night filled with regret. 
  3. When my daily work is complete. I always have more to do, but I rest well when I’ve accomplished something during the day. 
  4. When my relationship with my wife is strong and growing. It’s always been strong, but I sleep better when I know it’s getting stronger. 
  5. When I’ve prayed through the day. There’s just something about praying all day that leads to good sleep in the night. 
  6. When I know I’m in the center of God’s will. Even when that will is hard, it’s always right—and trusting God with His calling on my life brings me peaceful rest. 
  7. When I’m excited about what God is doing in my church. I remember early days in ministry when I dreaded going to church because of its internal conflict. When God’s hand is evident, though, I rest well in anticipation of worship.
  8. When I’ve seen God answer my prayers. When God clearly responds to my prayers, I’m reminded of His deep love for me. There’s comfort—and rest—in that opportunity. 
  9. When my personal relationships with family and friends are edifying and growing. It’s division and strife that rob me of my sleep. 
  10. When my sermon for next Sunday is finished. When I know I’ve given good time to sermon preparation—and, I’ve completed my notes for preaching—I usually rest better. 
  11. When I remember that God’s occasional silence doesn’t mean He’s not in control. He is indeed sovereign—and we can trust Him with our lives. 

When do you sleep best? What robs you of sleep?


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