(EVENT) Music and Discipline Seminars 2

 (EVENT) Music and Discipline Seminars 2

Heart Of Praiz is not just a group, crew or a chorale but we are family and we have for mandate to be a a life changing ministry and letting our world know about the maker of all things through our diverse events.

MUSIC & DISCIPLINE is one of our yearly outreach seminars which involves the Teens, Youth’s and Adult of any class because the seminar is subdivided into two sections (Music Minister’s Forum and Teenagers Forum) and this year we shall be holding the 2nd edition, this seminar has for purpose to enlighten all music ministers on the right informations needed to fulfill the desired purpose of that sector and at the other hand dispense vital informations towards effecting change in our lives and environ even as teenager. This year’s theme is “Be Guided”.

For those in the Music forum you will be taught more about Music rudiments and what to expect even as a music minister and we have a well knowledged Music Coach in Benin Republic, he is a gifted instrumentalist and a producer and his is by name Sire James Aworinde.
While those in the Teens Forum will be taught on teens life and what strategy we as teens can live on in order to achieve our God given purpose. In addition to that, they are practical classes too and this forum will be handled by a Teens Coach who is likewise based in Benin Republic, she is a mother, a teacher and public speaker and she is by name Mrs Ndukwe Favour.

You need to partake in this seminar set apart just for you, and do us a favour by sharing this, for you might not know those in need of it.

Date: 23rd of August, 2020
Venue: Dayspring International Schools, vons station suru-léré akpakpa.
Time: 4pm

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