No spirit, no resurrection. No Spirit, no new birth, No Spirit, no confession of the lordship Jesus. No spirit, no victory over sin. No Spirit, no progress in sanctification. No Spirit, no spiritual wisdom. No spirit, no spiritual gifts. No Spirit, no salvation. That is why He is all we need, He is our only ESSENCE of being. Artist Profile David Ogwo, born to Nigerian Parents, is a young man who is passionate about reaching out to souls through music.

He is a minister of the spirit, commissioned to bring healing, deliverance and restoration through music. He joined the Melodies of Music Band in 2016(known for hosting SOZO concert and He is currently the music director) and has since sang alongside with some gospel artists in Benin Republic like Lewis Bivigou, Carina Sen, Pst.Iton Omang, Pst.Sunday Avla, Benit Akuesson also gospel artists in Ghana like Carl Clottey, Rev.Prince Worship, Johnny Haick and Minister Owusu. He is also an MD in one of the branches of Action Chapel International Benin(Ganhito). His main goal is preaching Jesus, there is no greater mandate for him and no greater way to express this passion if not through music.

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